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Before Photo is after 1 treatment, After Photo is after 10 treatments

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Before Photo is after 1 treatment, After Photo is after 10 treatments

Kristin K

I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!! It has COMPLETELY reshaped my lower body! I’ve been coming to Wellpath for close to a year now after discovering that it is one of the only places in Manhattan that offers Zerona. The Zerona was fantastic, but what really stands out is that the staff was able to recommend add-on complimentary treatments that have compounded the results I saw from Zerona. I could not be happier. The staff completely designed a little program that they thought would be best for my lower body including Carboxy and Velashape. As I said, it has completely reshaped my lower body.

The best part is that the staff is honestly the best you will find at any spa in the city. Some places feel cold and clinical when you walk in. Not Wellpath. They are so friendly, so knowledgeable and so engaged. I am honestly addicted to going. I am so lucky to have discovered it!

Lisa L

I gave Wellpath 5 stars because Dr. Jame’ and the Wellpath staff are AMAZING. I started seeing Dr. Jame’ 7 years ago with crazy hairy legs/bikini/underarms and a sun damaged blotchy face. She has changed my life!!! Got rid of all my unwanted hair and I only need a touchup AT MOST once a year. I never shave. The dark spots on my face are gone (the result of IPL and peels) and my winkles have softened considerably with my recent few treatments of Refirme facial tightening. But, i have to say that the best thing about going to Wellpath is Dr. Jame’ herself. She seriously has the BEST bedside manner. Instead of feeling like you are having a treatment done, it’s like you are hanging out with your girlfriend or therapist (take your pick depending on what kind of day you are having!). Completely unpretentious medical spa with a Zen decor, the nicest staff, and a great new location. 100% recommend.

Laura Y

Great little spa on Madison, well 83rd Street actually. Went in for a look and ended up doing a full series of laser hair removal. The staff, including the owner Dr. Jame, were great. Super friendly and very funny. I felt a little like I was in an episode of Sex in the City. Treatments were great and I’m very satisfied with the result. No more waxing!!

It does not get any better than wellpath!

by LDNYC at Citysearch

I can not speak highly enough about Dr Jame’ and her well trained, exceptionally knowledgeable staff at Wellpath. I have definitely been guilty of saying that this place is like Disney World for women. I tried Zerona and while doing Zerona I also did the Carboxy therapy which was totally worth it. Seemed daunting and scary at first but was definitely worth it in the long run. Zerona is 100% painless and while the Carboxy was a bit uncomfortable initially, for what it does to your body, it is worth it!! In this industry, I feel like many places, especially in NYC, will take you for your money and promise things that are not possible. At Wellpath, you will receive the best service, no strings attached :)


by UptownDude at Citysearch

Dr. Jame’ and the Wellpath staff (especially Jennifer) are wonderful! It was really comforting to work with people who honestly believe in the products they offer. I took a Lifebooker deal on Zerona and coupled it with 6 treatments of Carboxi because although I work out 6 times a week and do cardio 3 times a week I simply could not get rid of pesky love handles and back fat (I’m a 35 yr old man btw). My diet is quite good but they just would not go away. I was skeptical at first but I swear to you it is the BEST THING OUT THERE! Not invasive…the carboxi needle hurts a little bit, not more than any other small needle, but whats a little pinch to get rid of stubborn back fat? I am a customer for life. I LOVE THEM…and they are Libras as I am so they understand me lol. Back fat…gone. Love handles…gone! Best thing since sliced bread (wheat, not white) offered by the best practice group in NY. Doesnt get any better!!

Made Me HOT

by rkp2ut at Citysearch

I love this place! I have been going to Wellpath for three years now. I first went because I wanted to have laser hair removal on my back, and it was the closest place to where I live. I felt a little awkward at first because I thought it was a med spa just for women, but Dr. Jame and Jennifer made me feel very welcome. They love their gays!

While Jennifer was doing my laser treatment, she asked if I had ever tried anything for the stretch marks on my back. (I do a lot of weight training and had some serious stretch marks from some big muscle gains.) I told her that I had tried various creams and treatments and that nothing had worked. She told me she could treat the marks with carboxy therapy. I decided to give it a try. Best. Decision. Ever. After just a few laser treatments for the hair and a few carboxy treatments for the stretch marks, I had (and have!) a smooth back without noticeable stretch marks.

Most recently, I returned to see about getting some localized fat treated. After bulking up for a few months, I was trying to lean down, but I could not get rid of a little lower back fat, and it was driving me crazy. Jennifer put together a personalized package of Zerona, carboxy, and Velashape treatments, and ZOMG, it did the trick! I was 13% fat at the beginning and 9% at the end! I did some dieting in there, which I know helped, but the difference was that the fat came from the right places–my lower back and a little area around my belly button!!

Try this place! You (and everyone who sees you shirtless and/or naked) will be glad you did.



Well done at Wellpath

by Ldaisy at Citysearch

I had laser treatments for my underarms here and I was quite pleased. I found the staff to be very informative and polite. They really are thorough and walk you through the process. The environment is cheery and down to earth. I highly recommend visiting for any of their services. I also booked an Epicuran facial (I swear by that line by the way) as a birthday gift for myself and can’t wait to go, as I hear their newest esthetician is fantastic!

love, Love, LOVE this place!

by ssadiesays at Citysearch

I absolutely love Wellpath and the girls there. I have been going there for a few years for little things here and there, and every time I return they remember to ask about details I told them months before! They are so personal and friendly!

I recently did Botox with Dr. Jame, and I have to say, I love it. I had done Botox before and was nervous to try again since before I ended up kind of “frozen” looking, but Dr. Jame assured me she could achieve the natural, relaxed look I was looking for. Well, she DID! I am so, so happy.

The place has a girly, cozy feel – not at all like a typical Dr’s office, and the Dr. herself has a great healthy, natural glow about her.

Highly recommend.

My favorite place

by JamesWang at Citysearch

my favorite place

My New Favorite Place!

by Tula187 at Citysearch

After having three dermatologists tell me there was nothing I could do for my stretch marks, I googled stretch mark removal and Wellpath came up. I had my free consult with Dr. Jame and then began carboxy therapy. I can not believe how well it worked! I had been embarassed to wear a bathingsuit because my stretch marks were so bad, and now you can’t even see them!

  • Pros: I got what i was looking for

The Time Is Near

by Soontobeback at Citysearch

I have been going to the Wellpath since May 2008. I have dealt with vicious acne for 10 and a half years. After spending all this time associating with one doctor after another and being told by one, “there is nothing you get do about acne you got to live with it”, which is totally unacceptable and unprofessional. Of course I did not listen to that. I started to do my homework and came across Jame Heskett, someone I wish I met a long time ago. I have went under numerous Isolaz, IPL, and peels. With each passing treatment my skin has just gotten better and better. Now it is dramatically clear including dark pigments and pit marks. The service is great, Jame charges no consultation fee, answers questions along the way and the reliability is excellent. When it is time for your appointment, it is your time and your time only. Nothing matters but you. Jame takes her time to make sure, you get a full entire treatment. Everyone is so nice. No arguments, no hassles, no runarounds. Jame has taken such an immense weight off me that had took such a complete and total overall of my entire life.

Jame is literally a “life saver”.

Everything a woman could ask for in a medi-spa!

by alidigg at Citysearch

I have had the pleasure of experiencing Wellpath’s abundance of treatment options and have never been disappointed with the quality of service. Dr. Jame’ Heskett and her staff are top notch and always make me feel like part of the Wellpath family. I feel so lucky to have found this spa and to be so well taken care of each time I visit for a treatment. I have never had an unpleasant visit and will definately be a loyal customer for as long as they provide their wonderful services. I have recommended all of my friends to visit the spa for a treatment and now many of them are loyal customers as well. I rely on Wellpath to keep me looking beautiful!

  • Pros: calming atmosphere, peaceful escape from the hectic city, wonderful staff
  • Cons: none!

Great doctor, Amazing results, Zero Attitude — Best Spa Bar None!

by jandomom at Citysearch

II have been a client of Dr. Jame’s for almost four years and I recommend her and Wellpath without reservation. Dr. Jame is extremely knowledgeable and capable. I have had laser hair removal on most parts of my body and it has been more effective than I could have ever imagined. I have not had to shave my legs in years!!! She has changed this hairy Italian gal’s life! I also have had both IPL and peels done on my face for a good amount of sun damage and dark spots. The treatments have vastly improved both the texture and the glow of my skin. My mom always says that my skin has never looked better. I look more refreshed and my skin has literally been transformed. In addition to the amazing results from treatments, I also cannot say enough about Dr. Jame’s “bedside manner” and her wonderful staff. She REALLY cares about her clients and puts her heart and soul into making sure you are happy with the results. She really puts you at ease and she just exudes something that makes you feel completely relaxed. If you want a warm, friendly and down to earth place with zero attitude, a caring staff and an awesome and professional doctor, this is the place for you. P.S. My mom goes to Leda for eyebrow waxes every time she is in town and LOVES them.

  • Pros: Professionalism, Results, Service, Atmosphere
  • Cons: None so far (in four years)

World’s greatest derriere

by silke623 at Citysearch

I asked my new boyfirend what he likes best about me, and he said my “derriere.” I owe it all to the carboxy & meso treatments at Wellpath. I called on Monday to schedule my next session :-)


by dopeylarue at Citysearch

I’ve done their Carboxy Therapy, Endermology, laser hair removal, laser for acne, facials and eyebrow waxing. The whole staff is amazing – warm and friendly, helpful, wonderful. When I was told that the laser treatments were “painless” I laughed. But they really are!!! And I’m a HUGE wimp. Dr. Jame is sensitive and gentle and really takes her time with you. Jennifer makes you feel like a sister. The receptionist’s are great. And Leda gives the BEST eyebrow wax I’ve EVER had. I love this place. It’s like, my home away from home.

  • Pros: Beautiful boutique spa with AMAZING staff
  • Cons: NONE!

Best Spa Experience Hands Down!

by divawannabe at Citysearch

The Epicuren Facial at Wellpath medi-spa is an amazing experience. When you enter this boutique size spa you feel like the spa is reserved for only you. After changing into a compfy robe you begin a total skin transformation. The facial is thoroughly cleansing and has anti-aging fruit acid peel that made my skin feel like I was a kid again. Not only do you get amamzing results, but the entire time the facialist is working on you, you never feel like it is ‘intense’…it feels like a beauty treatment. The facialist even faned me with japanese fans when I had the acid peel on my face so I wouldn’t get too hot. I had met with a make-up artist for an upcomming session of pictures the week before my facial, when I walked in the day of the shoot he was amazed at the difference in my skin. I had fabulous pictures taken, and the pictures didn’t need any re-touching on my face because the facial had made my skin so radiant! I highly recommend this friendly, beautiful spa to everyone.

  • Pros: very private and friendly

Carboxytherapy w/Dr. Jame is fantastic

by tennisspiderman at Citysearch

This week, I came in for the 2nd time to meet w/Dr. Jame for carboxytherapy for my stretchmarks, and I have to say that this is the only treatment that works. My stretch marks on my hip-thigh area have faded and become less white (I have tan skin so they really show up) and have gotten thinner. It’s pricey, but definitely worth it since the results are permanent. The doctor is very professional and sweet and made the procedure as comfortable as possible. I would definitely recommend going to Wellpath to treat stretch marks, and I’m sure I’ll be checking out the other great services here as well.

Best spa I’ve been to

by carlag5 at Citysearch

I did the carboxytherapy with Dr. Jame Heskett and the results were amazing. The place is cozy, comfortable, and clean. The receptionists are very friendly and helpful and Jame herself is very sweet. She makes you feel comfortable and safe and explains the treatments very well as well and clearly knows what she is doing. She’ll let you know when something is going to hurt and she does everything she can to make it go as smoothly as possible, not to mention how accomadating and kind she is. I loved loved loved the results and the whole experience. Recommend it to everyone out there.

  • Pros: Close to metro, friendly people, well knowledged, clean and comfortable, good ambience
  • Cons: None that I experienced

A smaller waist-and a bigger smile

by nycwise at Citysearch

I just completed my fourth treatment of carbossy by Dr. Jame and cant believe the results. My skinny jeans are fitting amazingly! I am so happy I felt the need to share!

Everybody at Wellpath is attentive and fantastic- I have also had my makeup done using Jane Iredale products (which are so much better for the skin during this crazy heat) and Endermologie with Jennifer- who is a doll!

Wellpath is a great spa that delivers even greater results!

  • Pros: The staff- and the results!!!!
  • Cons: none that i can think of— it is worth the price

Great results and value

by ama1218 at Citysearch

I initially went to Dr. Haskett for laser hair removal during Spa Week 2004. At the same time, I was seeing another doctor for laser treatments to a different area. Dr. Haskett was, by far, much more thorough. She explained the entire hair removal process to me and walked through the procedures that she would utilize. She was extremely clear on what she could accomplish and the results that she could obtain for me. Prior to my consultation with her I had extremely unsatisfactory results with electrolysis and realized I was receiving less than satisfactory results with the other doctor. Additionally being a satisfied client, with respect to the laser hair removal, I have utilized Dr. Haskett;s services for carboxytherapy, with great success. I have always been extremely satisfied with the results and value. I highly recommend Dr. Haskett for her professionalism, her ability and the results she has obtained for me.

  • Pros: Variety of treatments, value
  • Cons: None that I can think of

A great addition to the neighborhood!

by annabev at Citysearch

A refreshing, no attitude, great place, great service, relaxing atmosphere. Friendly responsive staff. All services are excellent. Highly recommended! You must check it out…

Excellent facial

by cbreheney at Citysearch

I have been treating myself to a few facials a year, especially when Spa week rolls around. This year, I treated myself to 4 so far and this is the only place I am going back to and willing to pay full price for b/c my facial was that good. Leda took very good care of me, gave me very good advice and not once was there a pressure sales pitch which was so refreshing. I had one of the most thorough facials I’ve ever had and the fact that it was spa week and I was getting a discounted price did not reduce the level of her service. As soon as I was done, I made an appointment to try their signature Epicurean facial in time for the holidays.


by sagg1177 at Citysearch

Came in during Spa week and the facial was great. I tend to break out and had great advice on treatments and after my facial my skin has calmed down. Her techniques for extraction were right on and loved that they did not push any products unlike other spas I have been to.

Highly Recommened

by melrody at Citysearch

I have been going to Dr. Heskett for Laser appointments after trying out a variety of places in the city. For a comparable dollar amount the experience blows every other palce out of the water. There is no sales pressure, the place is very resort like and she is always very helpful. I have found my treatment spa in the city!

  • Pros: Atmosphere, no sales pressure, value
  • Cons: None

Best Spa Experience to Date

by czp60 at Citysearch

Since my teenage years, I have had constant problems with my complexion. I’ve tried a myriad of expensive products with no success. Even after professional treatments, blackheads and blemishes would return within days. However, on a recent trip to NYC, a good friend of mine referred me to an excellent esthetician at Wellpath. She gave me an epicuren facial that not only cleared up my skin but left no redness immediately afterward. With the products she suggested my skin has remained clear ever since.

In addition all the staff with whom I came in contact were very friendly and genuinely concerned with my comfort. Without a doubt this was the best spa experience I have had to date. I highly recommend Wellpath to anyone looking for relaxing and effective spa treatments.

Professional Care beyond Compare

by StormJ at Citysearch

I am so pleased with Dr. Heskett expertise in her field. She doesn’t charge consultation fee and she doesn’t try to sell you things that you may not need. The atmosphere of her office makes you feel like your at a Resort. She is friendly and appears very concern about her clients. The procedures may be Pricey but well worth the cost. She is personably and she makes you comfortable from the moment you step through the door. Please call her she comes highly recommended.

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Dr. Jamé Heskett fights the aging process both inside and out. As a wife, a mother of three children, and a former practitioner of obstetrics, Dr. Heskett intimately understands the needs of women in their pursuit of well-being and preservation of youth. 3. Today’s woman is looking for health and beauty solutions that are gentle, highly effective, with minimal downtime and Natural results. Through such therapies as Zerona, carboxotherapy®, endermologie®, laser treatments, and mesotherapy® Dr. Heskett is able to provide her clientele a comprehensive strategy to slow the aging process.

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