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Day 3 In and Out

So, I got lucky this am and had time to go to 930am spin (I loathe exercise in the morning), but I figured if I didn’t go, I … read more


The Lycra feels a little less snug today. The scale is the same. Going to force myself into some cardio in central park this morning. Baby in baby … read more

Back From Vacation!

Dr. Jamé has lost 14 inches after 5 Wellpath Zerona sessions!!!!! 3 3/4 inches from hips alone!!! I’m on my way!!!

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October 26, 2010

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October 25, 2010


October 25, 2010


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Dr. Jamé Heskett fights the aging process both inside and out. As a wife, a mother of three children, and a former practitioner of obstetrics, Dr. Heskett intimately understands the needs of women in their pursuit of well-being and preservation of youth. 3. Today’s woman is looking for health and beauty solutions that are gentle, highly effective, with minimal downtime and Natural results. Through such therapies as Zerona, carboxotherapy®, endermologie®, laser treatments, and mesotherapy® Dr. Heskett is able to provide her clientele a comprehensive strategy to slow the aging process.

Dr. Heskett received her medical degree from The George Washington University and completed her post-graduate residency training at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle where she also received her certificate as a Homeopath in Primary Care. Wellpath has been successfully serving its diverse clientele on the upper east side for 10 years.

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